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How it works

Wall pads and units at the electrical panel, are essentially small computers that operate autonomously.
They communicate with each other though, and exchange information through a cable that connects them all together. Additionally, on top of them, there are different sensors connected, from their neighboring area.
As a result, each of them knows what's going on its neighbor and when a change happens, it notifies the others.


When the motion sensor, which is connected with the wall pad at the living room, understands motion in the room, then the wall pad announces the event to all the units:
"I'm the living room's wall pad and I noticed motion". Then, all the wall pads which have to react at the event (of motion), do react appropriately. So at this example, where the living room's wall pad noticed motion and announced it, another wall pad will turn on the light at the room, another one the air-condition and another one will send a command at the TV to turn on..
-The characteristic is that no central unit is needed to coordinate all the others. All the units are equal and independent and they communicate with each other.

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